About Me

This is where you can find everything you need to know about me, or at least everything that I'm prepared to make public. First things first ...

Statue of St Edmund
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  • Steve Lovell
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Now that you know the important things, let's move to the more mundane. I completed my philosophy degree at the University of Sheffield, having originally embarked on a joint honours degree in mathematics and philosophy. I continued these studies at Sheffield, eventually completing a PhD in philosophy. My PhD thesis is available elsewhere on this site. Since there aren't enought jobs as academic philosophers to go round, I then embarked on a career as a mathematics teacher. To this end, I did some extra mathematical studies with the Open University while finishing off the PhD, and then completed a PGCE (teacher training course) at Sheffield Hallam University. I taught mathematics at a school in Ipswich before deciding that teaching wasn't for me after all. Teaching is hard, and anyone who can teach well and remain sane has my respect. I couldn't do it.

Bury St Edmunds Cathedral Tower

So, shortly thereafter I took a post at Greene King providing the business with management information from the Payroll and HR database systems. When I outgrew that position, I moved to my current role as Funding and Liaison Manager with University Campus Suffolk, where I am part of a small team responsible for developing, maintaining and reporting from the institution's student record system.

I live in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, with my wife and daughter. The images peculiar to this page are of points of interest in Bury St Edmunds.