C.S. Lewis' case against Naturalism

While working on my doctoral thesis, entitled Philosophical Themes from C.S. Lewis, I did quite a bit of reading on C.S. Lewis's argument against Naturalism as primarily enumerated in Chapter 3 of his book Miracles.

This piece of writing, or something very like it was originally intended for inclusion in my thesis, but eventually had to be cut due to the complexities of the issues addressed, which I addressing as fully as would have been required would have turned this chapter into a PhD thesis in itself.

Some related material does appear in the concluding chapter of my PhD thesis.

For more information on this argument, please consult Victor Reppert's book C.S.Lewis's Dangerous Idea and visit his blogs Dangerous Idea and Dangerous Idea 2. The latter is specifically devoted to issues connected with this argument. The former, while also discussing this issue, is rather more eclectic.