A Short Introduction to Christian Apologetics

The linked document was my first attempt at writing something which touches upon all the central elements of a full Christian Apologetic. What follows began its life as a short booklet, or a large pamphlet, in which I attempted to give a brief summary of the basic reasons which might lead one to accept Christianity. This involves touching on a huge number of issues, none of which can really be dealt with in much depth in such a short booklet. The reader who finds this lack of depth frustrating is encouraged to begin his further reading with the various books mentioned in my bibliography. In addition to the works mentioned there, this booklet owes a great deal to at least two further influences.

These are firstly, Michael Ramsden, European Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, who heads up the Zacharias Trust. The basic structure of the booklet owes a great deal to talks by and conversations with him. Secondly, in terms of content it also owes a huge amount to the works of Peter Kreeft, especially his Handbook of Christian Apologetics (co-written with Ronald Tacelli).